Hi there! I’m Flynn and this is my blog-thingy.

I am a guy, trying to learn the ins and outs of After Effects, Cinema 4D & Photoshop. I am seriously thinking of becoming a graphic and motion designer for my profession, as this is what I love doing with my spare time. I love working with graphics, creating & manipulating them to make something look pretty awesome. I have above basic knowledge in AE, and I know PS pretty well, but I really want be able to model or create anything that pops into my head. I do some freelance work on fiverr, creating banners. Fiverr is okay, but it really has some large downsides. I also am working on packs and templates for Envato, a group of sites including GraphicRiver, VideoHive & a few other. So yeah, in this blog I will be giving out a few of my weird little tips, thoughts and other crazy bits of info that I think other people wouldn’t mind wasting their time reading!