My experience with Pligg


I have recently been (and still am) working on a super secret Pligg powered site. I chose Pligg simply because it was the only choice of CMS’s that did what I wanted it to do. Yep, there is literally nothing else on the internet that comes close to the feature set of Pligg. And to be honest, I am pretty happy with my choice! One of my favourite features is that the themes are completely separate to the main code, making it easy to customise. The themes are also written in Smarty. If you not familiar with Smarty, it is a easy way to code themes, by adding in simple code hooks and that sort of stuff. I found it really easy to pick up and learn. Another thing I like about Pligg is its powerful admin area. The admin area of Pligg is nice and easy to navigate and change stuff around, including the built in file editor, making it easier to make changes to themes. There is also an included language editor which you can use to change the text aspects around on the site! So yeah, I guess that is my experience with Pligg.



Hi there! I’m Flynn and this is my blog-thingy.

I am a guy, trying to learn the ins and outs of After Effects, Cinema 4D & Photoshop. I am seriously thinking of becoming a graphic and motion designer for my profession, as this is what I love doing with my spare time. I love working with graphics, creating & manipulating them to make something look pretty awesome. I have above basic knowledge in AE, and I know PS pretty well, but I really want be able to model or create anything that pops into my head. I do some freelance work on fiverr, creating banners. Fiverr is okay, but it really has some large downsides. I also am working on packs and templates for Envato, a group of sites including GraphicRiver, VideoHive & a few other. So yeah, in this blog I will be giving out a few of my weird little tips, thoughts and other crazy bits of info that I think other people wouldn’t mind wasting their time reading!